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Airway Orthodontics

Airway based orthodontics look at the entirety of your health- not just your teeth. Our bodies react to stressors caused by our modern diets, lifestyles, and our environments. Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws are signs of significant issues that our brain and bodies are attempting to cope with. The way we breathe and swallow as well as our posture, can affect the development of our jaw, teeth and face.

If started early, Airway orthodontics can prevent deficient (or sometimes excess) facial growth, disturbed sleep and crooked teeth by restoring airways and balancing structural growth. These issues affect the entire body and can even disturb normal cognitive development.

Stop treating just your symptoms!

Upon thorough analysis of you or your child’s anatomy, physiology and neurology Dr. Munkel looks for the cause of the problem and strives for long term overall betterment.

Conventional Orthodontics VS Airway Orthodontics

  • Traditional orthodontics see crooked or misaligned teeth as the problem to be fixed.
  • Airway orthodontics see crooked teeth as a symptom of another imbalance, and by correcting that imbalance the teeth begin to correct themselves. Airway orthodontics look at the whole person, realizing the teeth and overall arch development can be the symptom or the cause of underlying factors such as inadequate breathing and facial growth, which can lead to lower iq or lack of development, ADHD, daytime tiredness or restless sleep.

“Respiratory needs are the primary determinate of the posture of the jaws and tongue and of the head itself.”

-Dr Williams Profitt, Contemporary Orthodontics

Airway Orthodontics VS Traditional Orthodontics
Holistic Philosophy Allopathic
Causes Diagnostic Focus Symptoms
Overall Health Outcome Focus Esthetics
Yes Treats the cause of the problem No
Yes, it can Prevents Crooked teeth Does not prevent only treats.
Rarely Extractions needed With crowding as needed
Main focus Facial Improvement Limited, or with surgery
Yes Smile Esthetics Yes
Helpful Jaw Joint Health Neutral to Stressful
Helpful Sleep Disordered Breathing Neutral to Stressful
Essential from Patient and Parent Requires Cooperation Required for Hygiene and Instructions
In Stages over the period of growth Time for Treatment Less than 2 years generally
Little, but requires discipline Discomfort Soreness while getting used to appliances